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Lands of Change: Reporting from Iceland's Central Highland

Photo by Donal Boyd.

Photo by Donal Boyd.

Today I embark on what will be not only a personal adventure, but also a big step for me as a journalist: I'm headed to Iceland to report from the central highland, where the actions and desires of environmentalists, power companies, the government, locals, and tourists interplay to create a compelling story about how we treat wild places in the modern world. I'll be reporting this story thanks to an incredible fellowship offered by photographer Donal Boyd, who has made Iceland and the highland his home over the past few years and taken its environmental issues deeply to heart. I'm honored and incredibly excited to join him on this journey. 

All above photos by Donal Boyd.

By traveling and collaborating with Donal, I aim to document this story from all sides: what will happen to water sources, plants and wildlife if the highland is developed? could Iceland stand to benefit from power companies building here? how do tourists impact the region? how do locals utilize it? and of course, what role does climate change play in this shifting landscape? 

I'll be posting details from our adventures here on the blog as often as wifi permits, as well as heaps of photos. Follow along, post comments and questions, and let me know what you'd like to learn about this incredible landscape. 

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